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Menu Bière Printemps
Cherry Kvass
A traditional Slavic Peasant Ale dating back to the moddle ages.

Bière de Garde
​A traditional artisanal farmhouse ale from Northern France, with rounder, richer, maltier character with a “cellar”finish.

Figgy Pudding
A balance of malty sweetness and spicy goodness. A Stronger, Darker, Spicier, Richer Bière. A true Celebration of the Season.

Raspberry Saison
A Traditional French Farmhouse Saison. Crisp, fruity with notes of raspberry.

​Ardennes Mountain Ale
A French Abbey Ale from the Wallonian Region of Southern Belgium.

King Aengus' "Wee Heavy" Scotch Ale
A traditional Scotch Ale whose roots are believed to date back to 4,000 BC. Full bodied, rich and malty with hints of plum.

Bishop's Reserve  
A Vanilla Spice Stout​. Full bodied, with a malty character. Made with vanilla and spices. Traditionally served for Celebrations and Feast Days.

Bogberry Ale
A delightful Autumn Ale made with Cranberries from Cape Cod. Medium body. Pairs well with seafood and poultry.
Sorcerer’s Pumpkin Ale 

Brewed with pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger. Medium body.

Maple Bouchon 
Made with local Grade A Very Dark Maple Syrup from Marcellus. Tastes of Maple & Bacon.

Nordic Alpín Mynte 
Traditional beer historically brewed by Vikings and people of Scandinavia. Light bodied with hints of Juniper and Mint.

A Smoked Ale that has a distinctive flavor imparted by using malted barley roasted over an open flame using apple wood. Full bodied. 

Colonial Ginger Beer
A Traditional Ginger Beer made with ginger and real brown sugar and/or molasses. 

Golden Strong
A full bodied ale with a golden color. A balanced blend of spicy, fruity and malty characters. Sinfully good.

Bourbon Barrel Pumpkin
A True Sour Pumpkin Ale Aged in Bourbon Barrels for over one year. 


An OLD FASHION soda made from Sarsaparilla Root. Sweetened with real sugar. Contains no corn syrup, caffeine or alcohol.

Apple Cidre from local orchards.
Coming Soon

Black Sea Stout


Grand Cru
A French Farmhouse Cidre, with a Chardonnay like character. Fruity with a dry finish.  

​ New England Farmhouse Cidre
​An aged New England Farmhouse Cidre. Fruity and crisp, with a dry finish.

Les hors-d'œuvre

Assiette de Fromages et Charcuterie (Cheese Plate)

Eurpoean cheeses served with meat and a variety of nuts and dried fruit.

Loaded Nachos
Tortilla chips, sharp cheddar, colby cheese, beef, beans, jalapeños, salsa. Served with sour cream.

Vegetarian Loaded Nachos
Tortilla chips, sharp cheddar, colby cheese, refried beans, jalapeños, salsa. Served with sour cream.

Artisan Pizza
A three cheese pizza with a white cheese sauce, basil pesto, spinach and pepperoni.

Le plat du jour

Cheddar Brats


Great Western American Extra Dry Champagne

Pleasant Valley Brut Champagne

Thousand Islands

St. Lawrence Red
North Country Red
Wellesley Island White
Cabernet Saugignon
Seaway Blues
Cocoa Island
Raspberry Isle

Military Wines (750ml)
A portion of the proceeds from these bottles will be donated to the 10th Mountain Division Association.